Land Survey Services

Level and feature surveys or land surveys

These surveys are used to gather information about your block of land prior to planning the build. It depicts the fall of the land, the location of houses, utility connections, driveways, fences, neighbouring property information, trees and the orientation of the block.

Surveys to AHD

AHD surveys link your level and feature survey into the Australian Height Datum which indicates the precise height of your block in relation to sea level. It is used for planning in regard to drainage and any potential height constraints.

Site Analysis surveys

These surveys collect information about your block and many neighbouring properties to ensure that your plans to build fit in with your neighbourhood.  Councils are often interested in neighbouring property heights and setbacks, as well as habitable windows and private open space.

Title Re-establishment surveys

These surveys will determine the physical location of your property boundary and are carried out by a licensed surveyor.  It may be necessary to know the precise location of your boundary when building a new fence, when extending or building a house close to a boundary, or in preparation for subdividing your block.